Wednesday, May 04, 2005

also funny

The Postal Service of Russia changed their address formatting of letters with English address
(Latin letters).

sidenote: All address formatting documents for all countries are on the webspace of the UPU (Universal Postal Union).
So, actually, what they did (Postal Service of Russia) is now, the city code is written _below_ "Russia".

so like:


and the UPU edited the document and added a note:

"Note from the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union: reserving the last line of the address for the country name ensures greater automated processing accuracy at origin and in transit."

Means: I can choose.
If I write it


it delays inside German Postal Service
but it's correct for Russian Postal Service

or I type the old way:

and I make it correct for German Postal Service but it may delay due the fact that Russian Postal Service changed the format


Link to the pdf if you click on blog entry's header ;)

doesn't matter what you do, it's always wrong
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