Monday, May 16, 2005

The 1 Gigabyte Attachment

Hey boys and not boys!
Are you a hard (wo)man, who always wanted to send large files by email?
You are angry that even GMail has an attachment size limit?
then Try YouSendIt!
>ou upload an up to 1 GB big file onto their servers, they keep it for 7 days on it and you send a simple plain text email of containing the link! :D

Wow, what great services, I always get surprised, never miss a chance! :D

Yadda-yadda.... :P

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Transfer Big Files said...

Try Their service is even easier and better than YouSendIt! It lets you send up to 5 files at once to up to 5 recipients + you can get email confirmation, password protect and more...since the extra features are optional, it's just as easy to use.

Nafcom said...

@Transfer Big Files:

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try you out! :D