Thursday, April 14, 2005

Power Udo?!

At the moment, the ICQ Admin Udo seems to has his best days at the moment.
Yesterday, he posted in the ICQ Focus Group like there is no tomorrow!
6 posts on one day, that is a record!!!
He even replied to posts which he normally would not reply to.
To honour his efforts, I have updated the Udo List!

Congratulations Udo, keep being as active as you are right now :D

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Mr. Dew said...

Wow, you sure are a fan to Udo, hahaa.. Is he a software developer?

Nafcom said...

@Mr Dew:

Uh? No read it, he is an ICQ Admin

Mr. Dew said...

Yes, I know he is the admin, but I thought he might have a dual role as admin and developer too

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew: True could be. well, it will be riddle forever :D