Saturday, March 05, 2005

Reinstall of Windows and holy crap!

Hello all,
well, I had to reinstall Windows because I have got my cable internet now, and windows denied to fetch the ip from my isp, so I did a reinstall, spent 3 daays with it (4 now) and I have all sorts of odd errors.

Incase anybody is interested to read them and/or got an idea, all in English here:

problem with Nero, M2 from Opera, Everest Home, AntiVir Personal.
The M2 forum is very helpful, step by step, it seems all my problems get solved :)

I really don't want to reinstall Windows a 3rd time, so I hope a solution to all my problems can be found!

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Mr. Dew said...

What happen to your computer? Perhaps I can help you with it a little, I experienced similar problems due to a modem driver incompatibility. What kind of symptoms did you experience asides a headache?

Nafcom said...

@Mr Dew:

Yeah, well, first thank you! :)
Well, sometimes windows hangs at "Windows is shutting down".
Sometimes Explorer.exe hangs and I have to terminate and restart the process. the rest you can see in the linked forum threads.
I will try pointing to the Silicon IDE controller driver from my old Windows installation next, maybe that helps

Mr. Dew said...

I'm sorry, I can't help you on that. I haven't experienced what you did. I would suspect that it is a software problem though.

Maybe you can try creating a new Windows XP user account to use. See if your problems are still around. That may just solve the problem.

Mine was a hardware problem in the past, my computer switches off and restarts by itself.

Nafcom said...

Mr, Dew; yes creating another account was the first I did, did not help, as for restarts on error, just switch that off and you get a blue screen with error message ;)

I have installed Windows a second time and now it works! 8-)