Tuesday, March 29, 2005

GMail out of beta, hahah

Well, as you can read on //beconfused - gmail//live it appears to get a start for GMail's 1 gb thingy soon.
Oh well, I hope there won't happen too much errors like I experienced during the beta, after the beta! If I was Chinese, I would have got Yahoo's 1 GB offer, but I am not Chinese, so I had to use GMail.
I don't use it because of its space though, I use M2 with POP3/SMTP for my emails but thanks to Gmail Drive and to use nearly umlimited huge attachments, I learned to like it.

If you want to get an invitation before it happens though, you should click here
I thank the beconfused blog for keeping their readers informed =) (including me!).

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Mr. Dew said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I actually commented but my comment didn't appear strangely.

Anyway, it's 1st April already.. Still beta it seems.

Nafcom said...

Seems it was an April Fools' Day joke =)

Ah tell me your opinion about this ICQ Spam Spam thingy ;)