Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The While-Disaster!

Please notice & read my blog's entry The Pre-Disaster! before going on with reading this one!

So now I have moved, mother & co got the ex-monopoly phone company for phoning again.
Now I have my troubles, why? Oh because this all sucks so much.
The cable company: "Oh we forgot you!" and I was like "WHAAAAT? LISTEN, I APPLIED ON NOVEMBER, NOW IS NEAR FEBRUARY, AND YOU TELL ME -we fotgot you- AND THAT I HAVE TO WAIT 3 ADDITIONAL WEEKS?????????"
A consulting company was here last week's Monday, checking everything in the cellar, only have to replace the cable TV's junction box. I think: "Oh great, so all goes quick now!".

Ahhh, I will tell you a secret; They sent out a fax to sign to my flat's owner and NOTHING HAPPENED! "Oh right, yeah, I something wasn't clear & I had a question..." I mean, if I had a son who was electican, I would ask him and not let wait other people, i.e. me till over 1 week has passed! I mean I have applied in November, now it's SOON MARCH and I am on this AHHHHHHHHRGHHH analog dial-up modem line.
Slow, and expensive. Oh did I mention it was slow?

Damn, I miss ICQ & Skype! I want ICQ & Skype again!

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donyell said...

ahh...dial-up bliss ;-)

Nafcom said...

@donyell: That is pure sarcasm! :P

Mr. Dew said...

what? they can actually forget? what company is that?

dial up is a real pain, every thing's so slow. last time when i was using dial up, i didn't complain and keep on thinking i don't need the speed. and one day, i upgraded, i fell in love with broadband, lol

Nafcom said...

@Mr Dew:

This is cable company (has no English homepage, I am sorry, can't offer link so) for the land Baden-Wuerttemberg (

The cable company of Baden-Wuerttemberg gets 1000 subscriptions a day at the moment, too much to handle for them.

The other lands of Germany get cable from "Cable Germany".

I feel the same way, I love broadband, especially if you notice that the east cannot get it over here at all! DSL is something special if you can get it in your flat and cable internet is sheer incredibly a Christmas Miracle! ;)

I am so much looking forward to tomorrow!...