Saturday, February 19, 2005

Trackback and the problems with my blog

Well, while browsing through all kinds of blogs, I have seen "Trackback" often and wondered what it is.
The best explaination about what it is (at least for me the best one), I found here.
Now the problem is, that does not support trackbacks yet and the only free trackback system I could find was HaloScan.
Problem for me: It is linked together with their comment system.
I have installed both hoping that it would take over existing comments from blogger but it did not. Also the amount of comments is limited, for unlimmited amount of comments, you need to be a premium (paid) member.
So I wanted to stick with the blogger comment system but also wanted Haloscan's Trackback system.
I have found in their forum a post here on how to use the trackback system in blogger only.

Unfortunately, after I have performed the changes, the font displaying in Opera changed from Verdana to Times New Roman.
I have experimented with it quite a bit and figured out a way, which doesn't cause to mess up the blog layout, and now it works in any browser! :)

So if you want to trackback to my blog's articles, now you can :D ! :)

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