Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nafcom Is Off For Some Days!


I have sad news! Here is a quote of the email I sent out!


You receive this message because one of the folliwing is actually valid for you (choose your prefered one!):

-You are on my virtual friends list stored in my brain
-I assume you would worry wether I disappeared from the face of the earth because I wouldn't reply to you
-I just find it funny to bother you and pester you with my exsistance, i.e. my silly emails. Please enjoy this one as you enjoyed my
previous emails!

To make a long story short: My new ISP sucks. As you might know, I am about to move into a new rent flat in Mannheim as of February,
12th., and they are so much "competent", i.e. sending letters to wrong addresses, just forgot me or any other silly reasons.

I would keep my DSL, but in that new flat/street is no DSL technically possible!

Today in the morning, I received a phone call from the technican: Upcoming Monday, they will check which changes have to be performed to
make this house cable internet ready.
After the house owner signed the paper, I am about to get my internet access in the week from 21th till 27th.

This means I will be totally without internet from February, 11th - ca. 27th.

I will however setup all my email accounts to forward any incoming email to my GMail account.
(I have 1 GB quota there, that should be enough!).


See you soon I hope!

Bye bye!

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