Wednesday, February 23, 2005


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Screenshot shows the first network error I have ever noticed on the ICQ homepage!

It's incredible! Because usually, there would be a network failure (i.e. you lose conntection to ICQ and can't login because of "invalid password").
In contrast to MSN, ICQ never notified ICQ users about network failures.
After there has been complaints about that, seems ICQ thought twice! :)

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Anonymous said...

I have a problem, with my icq passwort..I forgott it and I try to get it back but it doesn't work.Even with my email adress ...the say it isn't correct can you help me???
pleas ronja

Nafcom said...

if you set your questions & answers this wouldn't have happened. also you should had set your primary email and put into icq a strong password. reset your password and incase you cannot do that, register a new account and set your questions & answers and yes, you can load in old contact list from local copy but only with icq2003b because icq 5 only stores the contact list online on icq servers but not keeps a local copy on your PC. However in the ICQ 5 folder is a yourUIN.FB file which shows your ICQ contacts.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problems and there should be a remedy to the situation. My biggest problem with this whole thing is that I signed up for icq love match five years ago, but am now currently engaged. Now I have this lovely profile on the internet stating that I am single and looking for love, a profile that I can no longer access and change due to the inability of icq to recognize my email. I would really like to take this profile down. Is there any recourse for me to take? setting up another account will not enable me to change my profile and stop men from conatcting me.

Nafcom said...

The only thing left to do is writing an airmail lletter to ICQ.

Good luck!