Sunday, February 27, 2005

ICQ photos and my stupidity

Avi, Joi and Ariel
Originally uploaded by Joi.
Yup, the photo on the right says: "Joi and founders of ICQ in Tel Aviv."

This seems to be the only ICQ related photo I found yet.
Well, there has once been a whole gallery about it (see "The ICQ Ltd. building in Atidim".

I have been too silly to not save them, and now the URL in the above post no longer works properly and also the Way Back Machine does not find it :'(

I hope they can be retrieved soon, because those photos were interesting!...

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Shmanky said...

Is ICQ still being made in Israel by Mirabilis, or in the USA by AOL?

Nafcom said...

Last year, the ICQ development moved back to Tel Aviv/Israel, so no AOL/USA 8-)

Mr. Dew said...

I thought it is by AOL now. Lots of people commented that eversince ICQ got taken over by AOL, the whole thing just went down. I'm not sure how true it is. For one reason for me to make the switch is because my computer is too slow to support ICQ, not enough RAM that time (16 MB I think)

MSNM worked fine for my poor computer but now it's probably the most resrouce hogging messenger in teh world.

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew:

True, ICQ is owned by AOL and the network is from AOL, etc. But the old ICQ Team does again the ICQ development

Anonymous said...

The pics are at

Nafcom said...


Thanks for the info! :)