Monday, February 07, 2005

GMail Invitations Giveaway!

Incredible, today, I have received 50 Gmail invitations in my pool!
I will give away 45 of them to individuals who send me an email and ask kindly for an invitation :)


Terri said...

Just saying "hello" I found my way here by "next blog" and thought I'd say "hi." So, "hi." Come by and say hello at my blog if you'd like. We have a nice blog-go-round of about 20 people. Mr. Haney, Magz, Dale, gemmak, zette, and more. I haven't figured out how to link anyone. I'm computer challenged. Just know enough to make my way and cause trouble!

Nafcom said...


Yep, will do, will do, but not at 4 AM. - Probably when I am more headwise clear. :)

But I had a quick look.