Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Advantages Of Not Being on ICQ (IMing)

I miss my fast internet connection, but I have noticed just today, that
being not on ICQ at the moment (since it would be too expensive!), has one advantage; No more weird people, at least at the moment. I seem to be a magnet for Chinese and Egypts on ICQ :( .
It wasn't be that bad, if it wouldn't always be the same schematic;

"Hi! Can we be friends?"

"Can you teach me English?"

Plus Egypts mostly end up this way:

- "What's your name?"

me: "Joerg"

- "Oh, I love girls!"

me: "Ahem! Joerg is a male name and if you were looking up my ICQ User Details you would have noticed that.

Then those nice questions like:
"Do you speak Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, French, Portuguese?" And I say NOOOOOOOOOOO, god damn!
I really don't miss those weird people from ICQ :P But I miss my normal nice people and friends. :(
(includes real life friends who use ICQ and ex-classmates).

I hope next week, cable internet rockz my PC! Wish me luck!
Anybody who wants to express his sincere condolences about my lost internet connection (read here for more info about that sad event :( ) may please send them to my email address!

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