Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Plant

I have thought long about what to write in my tonight's blog entry.
I had no idea at all, even not yesterday. ... No idea, nooooo idea.
Well, until I saw the newspaper and discussed it with a friend today.

Bush. Now, over here, he is refered as the most powerful and important human on the world.
I wonder...why? Is it because USA is the biggest country? Is it because a plant got re-elected? I have no idea.
But well, let's go on with the Presidential Inauguaration:

They had a very good article about Bush in the newspaper. He has been asked to do no party at all in memory of the Iraq war, and the reporter wrote: "Well, he seems to know Bush very badly! Instead he has done the most expensive party ever. Over 40 Million USD!"Ah and he added, he did that beginning party in the state where he got the fewest supporters-. He said: "In our eyes ironic, but in USA not impossible". he got only 9% They also wrote in the average he danced on each ball not even 3 minutes"

Now, in his speech, he used very often the words "freedom and liberty" as you can see in this movie. They count down the Freedom and Liberty words he uses :)
Their dungeon master :)

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