Monday, January 31, 2005

My Wisdom

It happens to all of us sometimes, to find yourself in a discussion wether some humans of a certain nationality or country's origin are bad.

For such cases, I have the following wisdom of mine which I would like to share :)

Here we go:

"See, I am the person I am. Nobody asked me where I want to be born, what mother tongue, nation, race or gender I wish to have.
But I have the power to be the person like I want me to be (personality wise).
Who cares wether I am German, American, Chinese, Angolan, Israeli, Egypt, etc?

Sure, I would have a different skin colour, I would speak another mother tongue (but still I would speak English to you!), Iwould have a different name and nationality.
But is it fair to handle me different if I was Egypt or American?
I don't think so!
Infact even if I was American (the people you hate so much) or English Canadian (which you hate too), I still would be.. myself. and I still would like to be the way I am"

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