Friday, January 14, 2005

ICQ, how things can change! & Support Nafcom

I have been speaking to somebody from saying she doesn't care about the identity of the people she speaks to and does not care at all.
After an hour, she said she changed her mind, and I am her friend. And then it ended up in a talk which lasted 5 hours and 50 minutes (including drinking and peeing breaks)
It's amazing how much it all can change, in such such moments I love ICQ!
Sometimes it's amazing how situations can change. (I didn't know that I am such a nice person for making conversations, actually I could record myself and listen to what I said and fall asleep perfectly because I find myself so boringOh and everybody who is seriously interested in the forthcoming of ICQ should join the ICQ Focus Group! hehe.

Oh and second thing: Still it's winter, so please take part at my Crappy Poll and vote for wether you like Snowball Fights! I count on you!

May The Snowballs With You!

Hehehe!!!!!! =)

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