Friday, January 14, 2005


gmail spam folder
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Guys, Do I begin to actually HATE GMAIL! Since over 9 days (!) I have no acess to my spam folder! (As you can see on the screenshot, an error message! "Oops, try again in a few seconds", etc.
Sure, the GMAIL Team is working heavily since 9 days on my problem! Oh my, if they at least would tell me what's in there! Because the spam filter of Gmail is not very good, I had very often ordinary and sometimes important email in it! Please FIX IT! Thanks!

I hope it will be soon! Either I go wild!

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Anonymous said...

stop giving gmail invitations away, and the number of problems they have will be smaller!

Nafcom said...


why shoulld stop giving away what they offered me to do?
meanwhile it works 100%, that GMail thingy! *THUMBS UP*! :D ;) 8-) said...

I have used Gmail for several months now. I find Gmail one of the most problematic programs being foisted on the public. If you investigate the forums you will get a small idea of the problems facing the users. Although posting to the correct Forum can be an exercise in frustration.

My latest problem is that all my e-mail has and is disappearing from my folders. Primarily the Inbox.

Google's credo that the user is on their own, especially with problems. Is ludicrous. Leaving the answers to problems with User Foirums is also ludicrous. Half the time you are posting to the wrong forum. The other half you are conversing with an amateur that doesn't really know what they are talking about.

Advising everyone to stay away from this disaster would be a public service.

Nafcom said...

@ Thank you for your feedback, I am with you here!

Unfortunately the same happened with Blogger and Orkut, too :(