Friday, January 14, 2005

Bloggs and it continues

It seems that, after 4 days not having posted anything to my blog, I have today the posting boost.

I have been browsing a bit though the blogs, and most are non-English, so I cannot read and many look to me like promotional pages.

Howerever I stopped for a while and began reading here and there. Also interesting is this blog.

Did you ever notice, that most people use one of the default designs (templates).
That would be not my bottle of tea, I wanted to make it fitting to my homepage (the blog).

What is better than email? real post! But sometimes it sucks (oops!).
you wouldn't belive how many people do not know the correct way of writing their postal addresses. For this, there are official documents from your country's postal service in cop with UPU (Universal Postal Union) to find at this link. Also helpful: Numbering Plans & GSM Info!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the link ;). Just so you know, the posting about the crack was a total joke. I'm totally not into that stuff, just being sarcastic