Thursday, January 20, 2005

And bloggers - The 2nd!

2 days no update, that means it's time for another update to my blog!
Well, I have improved a bit the design of my blog. The side pannel should always stay in shape, even if you watch a direct linkes entry. And at 1024 x 768, even from watching inside my homepage frame!
I have also moved some of the link buttons to my own webspace which speeds up the loading time of my blog!

Also the homepage Blogs Around The World caught my attention, which focusses on (quoted) "English-written sites (that at least occasionally focus on country-specific news) for as many countries as possible.".
A very interesting page, I think!

I also found on the ICQ2GO! Panel Site a reference to this blog about 9/11.
Also 2 Iraq News blogs: here and here.
I also found a (LOL!) XXX blog dated back from 2001 and a viagra shop blog!
Maybe should delete those blogs! I don't think they normally allow this!

Unfortunately most of my fave blogs didn't get an update since January, 13th. :(


Dataghost said...

Thanks for the link back to my blog!!

Nafcom said...

@Dataghost: You are welcome!
Thanks for visiting mine! :)