Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris Huelsbeck in the Film Museum of Frankfurt Germany, "an evening with" ... project by Scene World and Olymptronica

If you are into tech and geekeness like myself I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on my Scene World Project (Wikipedia link) it is a C64 dismag and a medial journalistic hobby project that I am running with some friends of the C64 scene since 2001.

Last Wednesday, we have had in our first show famous videogame composer Chris Huelsbeck (wikipedia link)

Thanks to olymptronica who invited us to the Film & Games - an Interplay event :) Olympronica and Scene World Magazine hosts every last Wednesday between June 2015 and January 2016 a Live Twitch show as a part of the exhibition,
You can either watch it live for free at the Film Museum in Frankfurt or watch the live stream for free on Twitch at or the Twitch app for your mobile device. Please subscribe our twitch channel as well!

This month's guest was famous Chris Huelsbeck!
Watch the the stream recording :

Monday, May 25, 2015

Fixing Nvidia driver issues with GTA V on PC (Windows 8.1. X64 and NVIDIA GTX 750 and NVIDIA Quadro NSV 290)

So, are you among those guys and gals who bought GTA 5 for your PC recently and it's keeping crashing on the latest officially optimized nvidia drivers for GTA V.

Just a standard "a problem has occured and the program has to close". Why people, why?

The driver before driver v. 350.12 work fine on the  GTX 750 but not on the Quadro NVS 290.
Why I need the Quadro NVS 290? Because of video editing I do for the Scene World project I need that much monitors connected to my PC for easier managing all the stuff going on at my computer.

The drivers from last year however are mostly too old to support the GTX 750 already it seems. (So other way round problem from the above).

Long story short, I have found that the following driver version works:


Why is having 2 graphics from nVidia running on Windows 8.1 X64 being an issue? Because for some reason Windows assigns the same driver to both graphics cards , when I had an ATI card as primary card, both had their separated drivers and no issues!

If you need any more help or have any questions feel free to email me and I will answer you! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

AVM releases latest 7390 firmware with fixed support for 10 Mbit/s NICs because my C64 couldn't communicate.

Recently, AVM released the final of the newest firmware (FRITZ!OS 06.23) of the Fritzbox 7390 with some fixes I have requested a year ago.

I am transferring C64 D64 disk images via WarpCopy64 between my C64 and my PC.I have noticed that in contrast to Netgear routers, AVM routers do not support Crosslink cable detection and 10 MBit/s NICs.such as the RRNet - therefore, I could not get an IP address assigned to my C64 (even if I exchanged my LAN cable with a standard one).

A quick email email sent to AVM and a fast response later, AVM confirmed that none of those 2 "features" are included in the (back then) current firmware, but they put it on the "suggestion list".

And 1 year later, both has been included in the new firmware! Thanks AVM! :)

If you want to know more about connecting the C64 to the Internet, the RRNet and the network OS "Contiki" that provides a micro IP stack for 8 bit machines, watch my Skype interview with the inventor of that all - including "Internet of Things" - Adam Dunkels for Scene World Magazine!

Monday, October 20, 2014

fix turn-sharing-on-or-off issues in Windows 8.1 with Chromecast for good.

If you cannot connect Chromecast under Windows 8.1 for some reason and the online help system refers you to turn-sharing-on-or-off, then you will be pleased to hear that there is a fix, even the Chromecast support will not tell you:
Press the Windows icon key on your keyboard.and X key.
Click on Command Prompt (Admin.)
Click on Yes if prompted by your firewall pop-up.
Type netsh winsock reset and press enter
Restart PC

This way I have fixed the issue on 2 Windows 8.1 laptops, one x86 and one x64!

And now I am using it successfully with netfix, (I have seen it at a friend this weekend, and in Peru last year (despite some people living in Peru saying it's like like here and here), I have quite liked it. and I don't seem to be the only one :)

However I have still managed to only get it to work on my desktop computer just ones so I decided to rather use it together with my iPhone5S instead. It also has the advantage of turning the iPhone into a Chromecast remote control when I am sitting in front of the computer :)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Upgrade of my HP Compaq 6910p laptop

Finally the Upgrade of my HP Compaq 6910p laptop is completed. 
Complete refurbishment/upgrade performed over the last months:
-new battery pack
-secondary battery pack installed.
-Belgian French keyboard replaced with German keyboard.
-exchanged the 2GB RAM with 8 GB RAM (2x4GB)
-tossed out 160 GB HDD and replaced with Samsung 250 GB SSD (latest firmware applied).
-replaced 65w PSU with 90w PSU.
-Applied latest HP BIOS but a modified version with network card support whitelist removed.
-Sierra 3G/HSDPA card installed. Applied latest firmware to go from a 3.6Mbps peak rated device to a 7.2Mbps peak rated device

Getting the 

HG Sierra UMTS 3G HSPDA PCI-E MC8775 unlocked Card

 is not eaasy as it first requires applying a new modified BIOS to remove the whitelist (more about this later) and then you come across 3 other issues:

-The card requires applying the latest firmware to ensure it works in highest speed, but the download links in the blog article with the soution are down
-The card only works with Sierra Wireless' "AirCardWatcher" dialup tool but it's not obvious at first that you require it or where to get it from
-Sierra Wireless offers zero end-user support.

This blog post will help you to get around.

So once you have successsfully applied the modified BIOS with the whitelist removed,.read the blog post here: 3g modem wiki entry for this card

The tool and firmware can be found here

The neccessary driver for this card can be found at the HP homepage here

Last but not least you can find the AirCardWatcher General program here.

Despite that the drivers are from 2008, they just installed and work fine under my Windows 8.1. Update 2! :)

The BIOS for the HP Compaq 6910p without whitelist can be found here: here -click-

Make sure you install the one with the right chipset!

If after the update you receive an info that the BIOS update failed, then you may need to downgrade to the version f17 or f15  first and then re-apply to f19

Hope this helps! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Push notifications stopped working after exchanging iPhone5S (iOS7)

I have had to exchange my iPhone5S for a new one at the Apple Store last Saturday, because the glass was bent for some reason and would pop out of its frame on one side. (known issue as described in the apple forums here). Fortunately they have swapped it right away as exchanging the glass would not be allowed because of touchID.

So no problem, back home restore the phone from iTiunes backup.

It worked but I noticed today that Push notifications stopped working.
Apple Support office was already closed, so I browsed the Apple Support Forums for all the odds of solution suggestions. However all of them didn't help except one, which is - according to the feedback - the solution that works in the majority of all cases).

Uninstall and reinstall the "find my iphone" app!

(as described in the apple forums by Rooki here)

Have fun with your iPhone and iOS7!

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Monday, June 02, 2014

Troubleshooting bluescreen issues by USB driver comflicts of Thrustmaster TH8RS and ASUS M5A78L/USB3 in Windows 8.1 x64 Update 1

It isn't easy to face bluescreen issues in Windows 8.1, but sometimes it still happens if you happen to come across a bad driver/outdated driver and driver conflicts. So, after buying the Gear Shifter, I faced hourly bluescreens.

The trained eye may notice that the Thrustmaster Support Download Site for the TH8RS only mentions Windows XP-Windows 8, but not 8.1.

Since the bluescreen issues only appeared as soon as the Gear Shifter was connected and only since I got it installed, I guessed that a driver issue with this device maybe the reason for my bluescreens.

So, searching for evidence may not be as straightforward if you don't know what tools to use. I have passed the "trial and error" phase since long, and also Windows Event Manager is not my tool of choice.

Step 0) Starting Windows 8.1 in Safe Mode with Network functionality.

Step 1) Finding out which kind of error you are receiving and which system files conflict with each other: Use
You can see that most times, it crashed because of "IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL", wich means that some devices have an interrupt address conflict. You can see by the red marked files, that HIDCLASS.SYS (so Human Interface Device driver for USB devices) and the Windows NT OS Kernel" conflicted with each other.

Now we know what is happening but we don't know yet about the "Why". So:

Step 2) Checking out which HID and USB Controller Drivers are installed and whether they are the latest versions. We use DriverMax for that.
When we scanned for currently installed drivers and we hover over the "Date" line of the USBG Host Controller Driver, we can find the date of the installed driver vs the recent driver version, we see that the installed version is from 2006! That's incredibly outdated, long before Windows 8.x and even Windows 7 was released. Also I see the generic USB hub driver is outdated (however I don't think that's the reason for the bluescreen, but since 2 is the maximum amount of driver downloads per 24h of the free version, why not? ;) ).

Step 3) After restarting Windows 8.1 in normal mode , we may be facing a blue screen again this time because the ASMEDIA onboard USB3.0 drivers crash :(

Don't mind the German in the error message, important is the last bit of information. You can see the reason again and you can see which driver is involved. In this case, the ASMedia USB3.0 driver for my on-board USB3.0 ports.

Since this happens right after loggin into my Windows 8.1 user account, I have no other choice but to reboot into Safe Mode with Network again.

May I kindly refer here to my previous post which discribes where to get a working driver from, here or if this one doesn't work, use the previous one supplied by ASUS as described here. (WARNING: DO NOT use the most recent one supplied by DriverMax, because it will make your system instable!)

The problem just is, you cannot installed it in safe mode, and since it instantly crashes in normal mode, you are in a devil's circle. To break the circle, simply go to the Device Manager in Control Panel and uninstall the driver .

After restarting into normal mode, you may notice that the Windows 8.1 stock driver has been installed and that the USB root hub mentiones "non functional".

So, then we download and install the ASMEDIA driver as mentioned previously. Once we restarted Windows 8.1 the bluescreen and USB driver  IRQ conflicts  are gone!

Happy Gaming! :)

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