Friday, November 18, 2016

Me in German TV (Heute+ in ZDF) and Skype video interview of Forrest S. Mozer!

Recently, I was interviewed by  German TV (Heute+ in ZDF) to talk about retro gaming and play on the NES Classic mini videogame console!

Here the video embedded from Facebook!:

 There was also a further more detailed article published along with it! (German originalgoole translated to English)

Also the German commercial PC magazine PC Games released a summay of this interview on their homepage! (German Original / google translated to English)

Furthermore I had the pleasure to interview Forrest S. Mozer who is the inventor of speech synthesis and speech recolonization via Skype video:

Enjoy it!

More interview videos, podcast shows, our diskmag and more can be found on our homepage:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

upgrading and refurbishing of a Sony Vaio VGN-FW46M laptop

I love my

Sony Vaio VGN-FW46M

it is with a huge brilliant screen, a BD writer and even a HDMI out.But the previously owned person beat the poor laptop half to death, it went 3 times to Sony repair center for warranty repair. and then was exchanged by an overpriced Macbook instead as it was too slow for her. and then it was sold to me.

So.........probably due to the many repairs, the bluray reader got exchanged by a writer, the MATASHITA BD-MLT UJ230AS

It is highy recommended to do a fw update to latest 1.20 fw from 2010 but don't do it from the sony homepage as the computer originally is shipped with the UJ230A, so without the S!

hardware upgraded:

from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM
Inserted a USB 3.0 PCMCIA Express card.
Battery replaced with a new one
the HDD got replaced first by a Samsung 480 Basic Series SSD then again with a 1 TB Crucial SSD
As the case is full of scratches and so on, I got a skin called "Colourful" to make it look good again! :)

Meanwhile, the Bluray drive front bezel broke off and I had to fix it with tape. on the way to me is a replacment bezel which is silver instead of the black original as its for the models SONY VAIO VGN-FZ11L PCG-382M but it should fit fine anyway. probably looks kinda stylish to have a silver line in the black sides of the laptop, let's see :) 

Further upgrades of my hp-compaq-6910p-laptop

For further details on how I have upgraded this already to in 2014, read part one of this story.

So what else I have done to this to pimp it even further?

-Well, I have tossed the 2ndary travel battery and the main battery as both died on the same day, with a bigger main battery with 6600 mAh instead of 4400 mAh.

-and I have removed the b/g/n wireless NIC with a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260  PCI Express Half Mini Card

-The Samsung 840 Basic Series has been exchanged by a

Crucial SSD

simply because Samsung just this month released a fix for the problem that the drives get slow with time. when I have contacted their support last year they said there won't be any firmware update to fix this despite being promised a year earlier.

Also I will exchange the multiwrite DVD writer with a DVD-writer and BD reader combo drive. 
Most internal drives are SATA but I found an IDE drive to fit: Sony NEC Optiarc BD-ROM/DVD/CD RW L BC-5500A .
It's in the post waiting to arrive to me

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 as primary and a ATI FireMV 2250 as secondary card.

First of all, there are 2 problems here. Installing a new NVIDIA driver will fail as the installing routine will give up with undefined errors.

Secondly, there are no official Windows 10 drivers for the ATI FireMV 2250

So here is the workaround for installing by benoith in the AMD Support Forums:

I had the same issue and found your thread while trying to fix it. I am not sure if you still need help, but I was able to get this running by manually downloading the windows 7/8 x64 package for the fireMV 2250. Installing the package didn't work, so Instead I let it extract itself, then went in device manager, found the device in it, right clicked on it, then clicked update drivers...

Then chose the "browse my computer for..." and point to the folder where the drivers extracted (most likely c:\ati\******)

This worked like a charm for me.

The cool thing of having an AMD graphics card as a primary card and a nVidia as a secondary card is, that the setup of the AMD drivers do not give a damn if a 2nd card is installed.

While it is a problem if NVidia is your primary card.
So here is how to workaround the issue in the NVIDIA drivers. I am installing GameReady Drivers from the GeForce Experience application on Windows 10 x64.
Posted by  AntiRivet on Reddit:

 If you're still attempting to install, don't use Express. Use Custom and make sure you click "Clean Install". I deselected all of the 3D stuff as well, since I don't use it, but your mileage may vary. Also of note, I disabled my second monitor/TV temporarily.
This should fix all your problems and allow you to update to the latest GameReady drivers without removing your secondary ATI / AMD graphics card.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The question I am asked since quite a while now: Is Bombshell a bad game?

Short answer: No!

And here my long answer: I have read a lot of reviews, I have seen a lot of YouTube videos that reviewed the game. I am also aware of the review of Gamespot who gave it a 2 of 10 and also IGN Romania who  gave it a 9 of 10 refering to it as "amazing".

So what's the truth and why the discrepancy?

Well, first of all, it's interesting to see different standpoints of the reviewer. While IGN Romania explains he started out with the SNES and was always a fan boy of Duke Nukem and he loves Shelly being like him and the game really action packed and adventurous while the GameSpot reviewer mainly focuses on dull story writing, bugs and glitches, etc.

Even if you look at Steam reviews and youtube reviews, most negative ones rely on press previews. I honestly bought the game 1 day after release and after the 1st day patch that was automatically applied, I found no show stopper bugs that would crash my game during playing.

In contrast to other "The Crew Wild Run" who crashed on me constantly. I wrote UbiSoft this and now 3 weeks later, I still got no statement from Ubi Support. Too bad. They released a patch a few days ago which makes the game more stable, let's hope it won't suddenly crash again.

Having seen a lot of Previews, videos and such I was well aware what kind of a game I would expect. A Diablo with way less RPG (I really don't like RPGs) and more action and bad-ass attitude.

It's  surely a good game, and I didn't feel bored or something at all and it's one of such games I am playing regularly at the moment. It's also to turn out, press didn't like the unbalanced difficulty but personally I have had no problems with that. I am an vintage game player, and I generally suck at them (except racing games and some adventure games, yes and I have played through the relatively easy Star Fox 2 on the SNES recently :) ) but what everybody forgets, I am used to old games from the C64, NES or from the arcades being rock bottom hard!

Also, some may wonder, but yes I actually buy every game I play. We receive steam codes now and then for review, but personally I prefer owning the paid boxed version (if available) :)

So ergo, the game is really cool, if you take into account that it isn't what some of you had expected. But the previews may it be playable or not where pretty much showing what you could expect from the final product. I am not disappointed at all and for me on Day 2 it had no show stopper unlike The Crew Wild Run and Batman Arkham Knight, which took me 6 months until I could start the game and another month till the graphic glitches were fully removed!

Here is our latest interview with 3D Realms and we are talking a lot about Bombshell as well:

So feel free to purchase the game, it's really worth it! And I think best bet for 3D Realms would be focusing with that game on the retro magazines. Maybe those reviewers - just like IGN Romania  - will more likely find what they were looking for in a kick-ass action game

Bombshell on Steam

Bombshell on GOG

Q & A with 3D Realm on GOG

GOGCast#5 with 3D Realms

Our podcast episode with 3D Realms

Monday, November 16, 2015

Installing the GTX 750 and the Quadro NVS 290 to run both at the same time in Windows 10!

So, are you among those guys and gals who updated from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10?

For Windows 7 or 8.1 you could use this driver version so installs drivers for the Nvdia GTX 750 and Nvidia Quadro NVS 290:


Why is having 2 graphics from nVidia running on Windows 8.1 X64 being an issue? Because for some reason Windows assigns the same driver to both graphics cards , when I had an ATI card as primary card, both had their separated drivers and no issues!

If you need any more help or have any questions feel free to email me and I will answer you! :)

For Windows 10 we need a new driver of course. Here, I found that the driver package 341.74 works! Despite not listing Quadro cards as supported, it does contain drivers for them as well. However you cannot go any driver version higher than that.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Upgrading your PCs from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

The whole world upgrades to Windows 10 since the recent weeks. So what are the problems I had stumped into and how I have solved them? Not a lot issues I have to admit, any all of them found a solution :)

I have had 1 Intel tablet, 2 Laptops and 1 Desktop PC to upgrade.

I have started with the We Tab WiFi + 3G that was upgraded to 2 GB of RAM and a 120 GB mSATA SSD by KingFast. It had Windows 8.1 32bit installed.

Things were straight forward here, it upgraded and installed all drivers except graphics card, I simply went to the Device Manager and clicked "update driver" --> Search for better driver and it downloaded one and installed it. Really easy! In Windows 10, the device manager and Windows Update are your friends, really one of the few times, where a good and well working drivers was downloaded once triggered by the user. Well done!

Next, I have updated Windows 8.1 64 bit on my Sony Vaio VGN-FW46M next. There was no driver related issue, whatsoever! Smooth and simply worked :) Just keep in mind, that a shutdown means it does a hibernate and unfortunately the wireless network gets stuck and doesn't come up until I restart it.And since I have a SSD and since after about 10 startups it learns how to do it the fastest way (Windows 10, not the SSD:) ) it's just a matter of seconds anyway. So I am simply disabling it

Next laptop is my HP Compaq 6910p laptop, I run 32bit Windows 8.1 on it, my mum Windows 7 64bit on the same laptop. I have done heavy modifications to both laptops, so installation is different compared to the stock model without modifications. Also, the drivers for the touchpad are reacting different, 64bit versions work fine, tbe 32bit version however generates ghost clicks every couple of seconds, which renders Windows unusable. I found no 64bit driver that works, so solution was here to disable hibernatet as well!

Last one was my desktop PC. It runs on a ASUS M5A78L/USB3 and there have been no driver conflicts with it since the beginning, unlike I had with Windows 8/8.1!

Meanwhile Windows update, updated the driver to version 10.0.10240.16461 of August, 17th, 2015!.

The only problem was, Creative Labs didn't release the Windows 10 drivers for my Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer until the middle of August, I was without a working driver, until I found the SB X-Fi Series Support Pack 3.5 but the options "headphone settings are activated automatically" and "auto-mute speakers" had to be enabled in the sound settings of the headphones tab. Luckily, in the meantime, the official drivers are released which is cook because I needed to set those settings each time I restarted or booted up my PC! It's actually surprising that new drivers are released for this wonderful PCI card, as back in 2010 they told me the product is EOF and there are no fixed or new driver releases planned.

I am so glad that they have changed their mind, thank you, Creative Labs :)

All in all, this was way more trouble free than I expected, thank you Microsoft :)